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You Should Fall In Love With Someone Who Inspires You


Inspiration in its simplest form, really. I want you to inspire me to be a better person. To push myself — in my career, in my education, in my beliefs, culture, and values. I want you to inspire me to try things I always said I wouldn’t. To read books I never thought I’d like, to go to a place I…


"Having faith in other people? Trusting someone not to hurt you? How idiotic is that?"


"Having faith in other people? Trusting someone not to hurt you? How idiotic is that?"

And I can’t say anything but “O Allah, lead me to Your way.”





日本文教出版 中学校道徳教科書 あすを生きる1 「違いを乗り越えて」挿絵

Japanese middle school morality text book “Live Tomorrow 1,” for the section on overcoming differences.

Wah :_)

:) :) harmony in differences

I have finally reached this point. The end of my undergraduate phase and now I’m thinking what should I do? I still am keeping the dream to pursue my higher degree abroad yet the chance hasn’t pop up. I lost many chance. I suffer many failures. Not to say that I have given everything-my all efforts. But here I accept the fact that I come to the point where I don’t know what to do and where to go. I’m stucked. Looking for job is kinda sophisticated idea for me but I need to do so. I couldn’t rely to much on my parents financial assistance. I should choose, I should do something. I should prepare for my future and it looks scary. Should I choose between looking for a job or pursuing my dream? Here I get the point: the future looks scary because I need to make decisions.

"Don’t grow up. It’s a trap". Yes, it is.

"Love-just like coffee, is stronger when it’s hot. It keeps making us running forward, not running away from. It loses your mind, even when you’re sober. And it screws your priorities off. But no one can escape when it calls. It’s just love, not quantum physic."

-Fatima Alkaff

"Suatu hari di masa depan, lo akan bersyukur untuk semua yang lo inginkan tapi ngga lo dapatkan saat ini"

-Ananda Putri
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